Monday, June 4, 2007

Truffles Anyone?

Okay, well I'm the U.S., that is. You can see that there has been a hiatus in my posts due to my odyssey back via Frankfurt (I detest that airport) and a one-hour wait on the JFK runway. I've had reverse culture shock. I admit it. I miss my strong daily coffee and the occasional Nescafe with hot, whipped milk. I miss my hot cherry pastry, the extra flaky kind. I miss the sound of trams and the ease of walking Zagreb's streets from meeting to meeting. Don't get me wrong about my life here but I am determined to find a little of Croatia in the U.S. So far, my efforts have been rather unproductive. The on-line wine seller of Plavac I found through Food and Wine does not ship to where I live. You actually have to pick them California!! The on-line seller of Dalmatian products only turns out to have olive oil and one type of jam. Regardless, I have my truffle oil and a precious truffle purchased in Motovun. This weekend, I am making pasta with truffle oil and will have to substitute a fine Italian wine. Seems the New York Times had something to say about this a few weeks back.
The British are invading the land of truffles. Oh my! Check it out:

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