Friday, June 15, 2007

Thai antiques and more

I was scrambling around last night after work trying to find the brochure for this amazing -- and I mean amazing -- house and antique "store" I visited on my last trip to Bangkok -- the Amantee. A work colleague, Suzanne, (a very hip, 50-something who has lived overseas most of her adult life, wears great platform shoes and hangs out with various Czech artists and such) took me there. Because she knows the owner, and has invested a fair amount in Asian antiques of every size and shape, we were invited to lunch. This was a typical Thai-style house -- peaked roofs, no walls, incredible, lush vegetation. We were served a simple but tasty lunch of fish and noodles, rich with Asian spices, by her cook. We spent most of that Saturday afternoon browsing through rows of antique day beds, bureaus and assorted other furniture that I lusted after. A work colleague and I pondered whether we could split a shipping crate and get them home. We ultimately decided not to but it's just as well -- now I HAVE to go back.
Have a look: if you are visiting Bangkok or just doing some armchair traveling.

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