Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

My six-year-old left me tonight. Boarded a plane for Boston with my dearest friend. There was a quick kiss at the airport and then they were off.  

"Good bye mom I'm going to Boston," rings in my ears, the little song on the CD that we listen to with Stefan.

Such a big girl.  When did she get to be so grown up?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh Frank!

I had such warm and fuzzy feelings about Frank Lloyd Wright, having visited his family home in Oak Park where he lived with his first wife and six children in the late 1890's and early 1900's.  There was the wonderful, over sized playroom with the grand piano placed strategically in the wall which then hung by a hook over the back staircase; the choir loft with three rows to accomodate a growing brood; the raised ceiling and warm lighting.  He seemed like a real family man.

But then I became curious about Frank.  Seems he sort of "abandoned" his family to take up with a few other women, one of whom he eventually married after cavorting in Europe.

Architectural genius?  Absolutely.  Winner of the Father of the Year award?  Definitely not.

But if you get a chance to stroll through Oak Park, put it on your Chicago To Do List.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Chicago weekend

Chicago.  What a wonderful city.  I really have to admit I was quite impressed. 

Most of you know me. I like nice hotels.  It sounds like a bit of a confession and I guess it is.  I would prefer the Four Seasons to the Holiday Inn.  A nice marble tub to a plastic shower.  500-count Egyptian sheets to scratchy, nasty blankets.  Room service over a vending machine. 

Is that so wrong?

So, is it any wonder that we spent a night at The Drake?  It is one of those historic, iconic hotels that makes you feel good just to pass through the front door (where you are greeted by a monstrous bouquet and an expansive lobby).  

We only had time for the girls to order 11 pm room service while we grabbed a drink at Coq D'Or.  But that bed was oh so nice.  And the lobby.  And the friendly concierge.  And the flowers.  Did I mention the sheets?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Packing, Repacking....

Seems like I am always packing, unpacking, repacking, packing, unpacking.  So, now I'm going to write down a list of all of my must have items, as a checklist for me to have next time I get ready to embark.  I really should do the same thing for the kids, but it's just too darn exhausting:

My IPOD: Definitely need some new tunes but it's a keeper.

My Bose headphones:  When Brad bought these for me a few years ago, I thought they were tremendously overpriced.  Worth every last darn penny. Love 'em.

Eye mask: Yep..I put it on a few minutes after take off on the long hauls.

My pashmina: Love my big purple one which I can wrap around me like a blanket.

My small Acer: I can fit it in my purse....wonderful. 

Accessories galore: I'll admit it.  I'm an accessories whore.  I have about 20 necklaces from different countries, am amassing an equal in number ring collection and oh yes, then there are my large bangles.  I  am one of those girls who believes strongly in accessorizing.

At least 2 cotton shawls:  One from Egypt and one from Mexico are my current faves.

My favorite t-shirt:  Magnolia Bakery from NYC. 

Oodles of small bottles and perfume samples: Thanks to the Jo Malone counter at Nordstrom and my endless quest for the perfect travel lotions from Duty Free, I'm all stocked up in that department, thank you very much.

One groovy dress or tunic:  Always comes in handy.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From Burqas to the beach

Thanks to all of you last week for your comments on- and off-line about the burqa column in the Washington Post.  As one of you put it, it is affecting 2,000 women in France -- but the implications are much larger than that.  To be continued...

But for the weekend, we ran away to Fire Island. This is what life there is all about.