Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mexico on my Mind

My latest edition of Travel and Leisure arrived the other day and since it's a rainy weekend on Fire Island, I perused its pages yesterday while a fire raged a few feet away in our fireplace. There is a wonderful article on 25 great beach getaways from Chile to Kenya to Mexico. Since we're thinking of hassle-free travel for our next get away, the Campeche and Mazatlan articles were of particular interest. The latter boasts an Old Town and sounds as if it is now home to some interesting galleries, boutiques and this small boutique hotel, Casa Lucila, which has beachfront rooms and an enticing-looking spa.

Also of note is the article on the restored Four Seasons in Firenze, which is definitely being placed on my Must Visit list. Author Simon Watson says "a fine hotel, a really fine hotel, can give you a rosy opinion of your life and of your role in it." This definitely sounds like the place to wake up with that attitude and a good cup of hearty Italian espresso. 14th century frescos, a chef that heartily subscribes to "terroir" eating, more-than-attentive staff and manicured gardens surrounding this city jewel.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lovin' This Blog

Everyone now and then I post something that has absolutely nothing to do with travel. This is one such post....I just came across Nonchalant Mom, a wonderful blog about kids, the challenges we face in raising them and natural products. For my fellow mother friends out there, you have to check it out. And yes, there is even a shopping site, with the most adorable kids lines and organic products.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

From New York to Miami

If you've ever stayed at the Gansevoort in New York (heart of the Meatpacking District), you know what a trendy, funky place it is to see and be seen. Now apparently, there is a new Gansevoort South, in Miami beach. Just the photos are enough to entice me. This looks like a girls' weekend just waiting to happen.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Alaska's Working Mom

I know this is somewhat outside of the topic of my blog but since Alaska is practically a foreign country, I had to draw your attention to today's article in the Style section of the Post, Who Does She Think She is? by DeNeen L. Brown. It's a pretty thorough discussion of the conflicts and discussions women, including many working moms, are having about Sarah Pallin, the unexpected VP choice of John McCain. It sorts of reminds me of all the discussions I've had over the last few years with friends about how to best strike the work, life balance. For instance, I'm often asked "who is taking care of the kids" when I travel. Funny how my husband is not asked the same thing, a point brought up by another working mom. Anyway, give it a read. It's worth it regardless of whether you are an Obama or McCain supporter.