Friday, August 12, 2011

Why I Love What I Do

My colleague, Agata, sent me a few photos from a contest they held in the UK office. I picked my 2 favorites.  I am again reminded of the millions of amazing women out there in the developing world.

Taking care of their children under incredibly adverse conditions. Gathering water and firewood.  Delivering babies after walking for miles.

But still remaining beautiful. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Our 2nd Favorite....Wedding

It was our second favorite wedding.  Although it was pouring down rain, it felt warm and fuzzy....and oh so loving.

It was just like the bride.  And, oh yes, the groom.  But we think the bride may have paid a wee bit more attention to the simple details.  Like the table settings. And the wedding prayers.   And the sprinklers, smores and bonfire for the kids on the lawn.

Like the chalkboard when we walked into the restored barn.

And the lovely big, white, fluggy hydrangeas and table settings.  Sorry, this photo does not do them justice.

And the outdoor setting complete with a twig arch that was at their backs when they said their loving vows, as the rain gently poured down.  Not to mention the Vermont sourced pate, cheeses and amazing appetizers.

And of course, the bride.  Who was ever so lovely.  And attentive to every guest.

And did I mention that Abby danced the night away with her daddy?

Thank you, Judy and Jim for sharing your special day and evening with us.