Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vermont: Mom, please may I go out and play?

Stefan's not quite talking yet but I just knew what he wanted to say the other morning as he looked longingly out the window at the snow and the tree house.

He's been experiencing pure joy and delight here in Vermont, with the puddles, heaps of snow, ladybugs on every window, tree house and so much more.

We're expecting 8-12 inches here on April 1st. Yes, you read that right.

And so, we'll be out there in it.  Skiing. Sledding. Tumbling.  And squealing with delight. 

Yes, you can bet there will be lots of laughter and more echoing in the hills of our new neighborhood.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vermont: Day 4

There are some white, fluffy, soft snowflakes falling now. The kind that were lovely to walk through this morning with Abby at 8 a.m. along our babbling stream.

But did I tell you about our lunch in Burlington the other day?  Yellow, lovely yellow, was the color of the day.
With some springy daffodils.

At our favorite bistro in Burlington.

With a perfect espresso and latte to end the meal.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Vermont: Day 3

Okay, folks, it's officially day 3 here in Starksboro, Vermont. Population? Give or take 1,900.

Today, we met the very helpful town clerk (Cheryl), talked to the lovely owner of the local coffee shop (Kerry) about horseback riding lessons for Abby in June and discovered wireless internet at the coffee shop in Hinesburg. Not to mention that we had a 1/2 cord of wood delivered to the barn and stopped at the local hardware store for few goodies.

It was a very fulfilling Vermont day.  Topped off by tiny, ever so tiny, snowflakes tonight.

Here's a little ode to our lovely, historic house.  At sunset last night.

Thailand Trip: Missing Thai Beaches

We walked down the long dusty steps longing for that blue/green water in the distance.  Down, down we went.

And then suddenly the sign appeared.  Simple. Concise. Straightforward.

Welcome to the beach. 

It was a perfect Phuket beach day. Warm blue/green water. A few very cold Singhas. A spicy, green curry chicken at the beach shack overlooking the beach.

And then we made our way to this beach for a perfect sunset and an icy, minty mojito.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing Thai Food

I sort of know what it feels like to be a foreiger in the U.S. and not like the food.  It's something that has always bothered me when I've worked with political party officials and others visiting the U.S.

But after my recent trip to Thailand and just plain good, fresh food everyday, I feel a bit like a foreigner longing for a home-cooked meal.  Something with fresh cilantro.  How about some glass noodles and peanuts with chilis?  Or I would even bargain for some freshly cut watermelon or pineapple.

It's not that we can't get that in the U.S. -- heck, we ate Thai takeout twice last week. I've been known to cook up a spicy green curry chicken.   

But just look at these beautiful fruits and vegetables.  Isn't there something deliciously exotic about them? 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thai Tranquility

This is how it started. Being led down a simple boardwalk. Amongst bamboo and ferns. Away from the entrance and traffic and bustle.

 To a simple teak house.  With 2 simple beds. And a simple breeze.  Following a simple path that others had traveled before us.

And then 2 calm women arrived. With delicious smelling creams for our faces.  And their hands, simply. For the rest of us.

Until the journey began.  And then all was simple in Phuket and beyond.
Until the sun set.  And we were transformed.  Able to go back to our lives with some simple thoughts about what makes life easier and more calm.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

True Confessions of a Spa Addict

I have a confession. I've kept this secret for a very long time. 

The last time I was in Bangkok I did it.  I paid a lot of money.  I snuck out of my hotel, went alone and didn't tell anyone where I was going.

I went to the Espa Spa at the Peninsula Hotel for a Thai massage and relaxation room. 

It was overly indulgent and magical at the same time.  It was relaxing and exhilirating at the same time. 

'My true friends will understand why I don't really feel all that guilty.  They would have and probably have done the same.

In retrospect, it was worth every last baht.

A Lovely Bangkok evening

What a lovely, lovely evening.  Of serene, oh so serene faces.  Beautiful accessorized Buddhas. Yellow flowered bracelets. Many, many bottles of wine. And much, much laughter.