Friday, April 16, 2010

A Mexican Wedding

The sun was setting on the Tulum beach when the lively Mexican wedding party descended in their finest.  There was a slight breeze as Abby and I rushed to see the bride say her vows.

But then I heard their giggles as the surf lapped at their barefeet.

They stole the show that day as the weeping bride and happy groom said "si." 


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Place I'd Like to Wander....

There are some places I'd like to go.  Many of them, in fact.  There are big countries and small countries.  Very hot (India) and very cold (Russia).  Very remote (Bhutan) and mysterious (Libya).  And then just fascinating politically and culturally (Iran). 

And then there are some hotels, spas and resorts I just lust after. This is one of them.  Lebombo Singita

Once you look at the pictures, need I say more?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sipping Espresso....anywhere in Europe, please

It's spring, thank goodness.  While the cherry blossoms have peaked in D.C., I'm always reminded this time of year of the wonders of cafes in Europe.  I spent my fair amount of time pondering the political situation in Serbia and Croatia, discussing boyfriend woes and generally kvetching with friends over many a machiatto in the cafes of Zagreb and Belgrade. It always amazed me how long Europeans can linger over a single cup of coffee. Ahhhh.

Thought you would enjoy this photo of Abby sipping her first espresso at a sidewalk cafe in Budapest a few years back.  Like mother, like daughter -- thank heavens.