Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bali Hotel Tugu...Just Stunning

My dear friend, Francoise, provided me with the brochure for Hotel Tugu, Bali.  She is the type of friend you go to for the best masseuse, foreign hotels, nail salon and more. She's the wife of a U.S. diplomat, still highly respected in the MENA country where they spent many years.  She raised her children abroad, still travels widely and what I hope to be when I'm in my later years.

Check out this beautiful property.  Need I say more?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Relaxing....or Did I?

Sorry, folks. It's been a while. Wish I could say I was off at a relaxing yoga retreat in Bali, but alas it was much more mundane.

Brad was in Russia for 2 weeks and while he was there, I managed to help run a conference for communications professionals from 61 countries here in D.C., as well as juggle Abby's schedule and a bout of bronchitis that Stefan acquired.

Somewhere, in the last few weeks, we did manage to sneak away to the Hotel Monaco for an overnight. Just me and my hubby.  Champagne. Good food.  No kids.  Sunday morning in bed with the New York Times. 

Sadly, it seems very, very long ago.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moscow Photos?

I'm waiting. Waiting for photos from my husband, who is in Russia.

He rarely sends any of his travels.  I do need to teach that man a thing or two about photo taking.

I'm working on it.  Maybe this will incentivize him.  Maybe not.