Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing Thai Food

I sort of know what it feels like to be a foreiger in the U.S. and not like the food.  It's something that has always bothered me when I've worked with political party officials and others visiting the U.S.

But after my recent trip to Thailand and just plain good, fresh food everyday, I feel a bit like a foreigner longing for a home-cooked meal.  Something with fresh cilantro.  How about some glass noodles and peanuts with chilis?  Or I would even bargain for some freshly cut watermelon or pineapple.

It's not that we can't get that in the U.S. -- heck, we ate Thai takeout twice last week. I've been known to cook up a spicy green curry chicken.   

But just look at these beautiful fruits and vegetables.  Isn't there something deliciously exotic about them? 

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