Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vermont: Mom, please may I go out and play?

Stefan's not quite talking yet but I just knew what he wanted to say the other morning as he looked longingly out the window at the snow and the tree house.

He's been experiencing pure joy and delight here in Vermont, with the puddles, heaps of snow, ladybugs on every window, tree house and so much more.

We're expecting 8-12 inches here on April 1st. Yes, you read that right.

And so, we'll be out there in it.  Skiing. Sledding. Tumbling.  And squealing with delight. 

Yes, you can bet there will be lots of laughter and more echoing in the hills of our new neighborhood.


Jessamyn Sarmiento said...

Snow!! That's crazy talk. Can't wait to visit...of course, when it is NOT snowing in April!!

Anonymous said...

Already snowing here in MA - Stefan - its coming!! Can't wait to play in that tree house...oh, I mean Kate, Matthew and Griffin can't wait to play in the tree house!