Friday, September 12, 2008

Alaska's Working Mom

I know this is somewhat outside of the topic of my blog but since Alaska is practically a foreign country, I had to draw your attention to today's article in the Style section of the Post, Who Does She Think She is? by DeNeen L. Brown. It's a pretty thorough discussion of the conflicts and discussions women, including many working moms, are having about Sarah Pallin, the unexpected VP choice of John McCain. It sorts of reminds me of all the discussions I've had over the last few years with friends about how to best strike the work, life balance. For instance, I'm often asked "who is taking care of the kids" when I travel. Funny how my husband is not asked the same thing, a point brought up by another working mom. Anyway, give it a read. It's worth it regardless of whether you are an Obama or McCain supporter.

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