Monday, June 7, 2010

Chicago weekend

Chicago.  What a wonderful city.  I really have to admit I was quite impressed. 

Most of you know me. I like nice hotels.  It sounds like a bit of a confession and I guess it is.  I would prefer the Four Seasons to the Holiday Inn.  A nice marble tub to a plastic shower.  500-count Egyptian sheets to scratchy, nasty blankets.  Room service over a vending machine. 

Is that so wrong?

So, is it any wonder that we spent a night at The Drake?  It is one of those historic, iconic hotels that makes you feel good just to pass through the front door (where you are greeted by a monstrous bouquet and an expansive lobby).  

We only had time for the girls to order 11 pm room service while we grabbed a drink at Coq D'Or.  But that bed was oh so nice.  And the lobby.  And the friendly concierge.  And the flowers.  Did I mention the sheets?

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