Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ode to Africa

I just got a wonderful African tale of adventure from my friend, Jo, today. It deserves a week of postings...but I'll try to give you some highlights. You see Jo headed into the "bush" -- he's rather famous for these adventures after his trip through Burma a few years back in a small boat he had constructed and sent to Southeast Asia. There were accusions of spying, Burmese generals greeted him along the was like the travel tales of ol'. But, I digress. Now our friend, Jo, lives in picturesque South African wine country just north of Stellenbosch where I visited last November and seriously considered buying property. (I'll definitely write more about this later). But, now Jo and his girlfriend, Sami, have just completed a trip throughout South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe in a vehicle they called the to follow.

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