Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Love this Photo

I've been going through my travel photos lately...again related to my itch to travel given the respite I've had the last few weeks. I just came across this little girl who I met in the backstreets of Cairo a few years back. I was there with a USAID colleague visiting the "slums" where we had provided U.S. funding to clean up dirty streets and provide clean drinking water. The children were oblivious to all of that, despite the long-term effects it could have on their health. They wanted gum and pens. "Pens, please, miss," they would plead as they gathered around and followed my every stop. This is a request I've heard repeated from East Timor to Cambodia. But this beautiful, brown eyed girl didn't chase me with the same intensity -- but a sense of curiousity about my visit.

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