Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Own Eat, Pray, Love Odyssey

Okay, I know Elizabeth Gilbert's book has probably been overexposed -- Eat, Pray, Love. But it's my beach read for this last "official" week of vacation. I find some odd personal parallels between our lives and search for "something," granted my personal travel odyssey after I left Croatia was Paris, East Timor and Vietnam. Not exactly Italy, India, Indonesia but I was definitely in search of some peace of mind, not too mention fine French food and an effort to master the French language once and for all. I also didn't do much meditating during my 6-week solo adventure through Vietnam by boat, bus, plane and train...but I did do lots of thinking, sometimes too much, about what was awaiting me after 5 years of living abroad and returning to Washington, D.C. She's a witty, sometimes quirky writer....and now I'm off to explore Indonesia with her today.

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