Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fire Island Cocktails

Well, it's been over two weeks here - glorious sun, blue skies, emerald green waves and lazy afternoons. I'm convinced that all Americans should be required to take at least 2 weeks of vacation -- sort of the like the French. Oh, that's right -- they have a minimum of five weeks paid leave. But, I digress. Every day here has been magical, surrounded by family and friends, some of whom have never visited before. They are amazed by the easy pace, lack of cars, lack of hustle and bustle...and the wonders of sleep induced by the ocean breeze at night.

This week, I have perfected my signature "island cocktail," subjecting my husband and a guest to my experimental 2nd batch! Grapefruit vodka, topped off with grapefruit juice and sugar, shaken in a martini shaker and poured over ice and mint. I top it off with a fresh lemon.

Cocktail hour is overdue. Gotta run.

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