Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 1 Bangkok

Shaking off jet lag yesterday, I began my morning at the hotel gym. Head off to the tailor recommended by the hotel to get a suit made – and then head to Rasi Sayam on Sukhomvit 33 (a new location) to buy a few more Thai baskets and a lovely silk wall hanging. After a quick stop at the Erawan shrine to inhale the incense, I make my way to the large nearby malls – just to resist succumbing to jetlag and sleep. The Gaysorn mall is a must see – Dior, Celine, Pucci , Vuitton and Givenchy -- and many more designers abound. It’s all glass and steel and white lights. Such a contrast to the outside bumper to bumper traffic, beeping, exhaust and buzz of motorbikes.

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