Sunday, November 11, 2007

Uplifting Kenyan Dance

I wondered how it was possible that these lively, exuberant young dancers from Kenya could have made it onto the stage at the Kennedy Center Saturday night? The Shangalia youth choir comes from Nairobi's largest slum, one of the largest in Africa. I went thinking we would be uplifted by the music -- and did not leave disappointed, despite the standing room only atmosphere. In bright short skirts, they enthralled, clapping, singing their hearts out, stomping, shuffling and wiggling in such uplifting spirit. I wanted to know more after the performance, having never seen this slum but only those in South Africa and imagining something very similar. My small investigation on-line proved that my mental images were correct. It made their performance all the more amazing.

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ASD said...

My friend is helping coordinate the kids. She says they're AMAZING to work with!