Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Hopper

I took my daughter to the Hopper today. That would be the Edward Hopper exhibition that opened at the National Gallery of Art. We had fun finger painting small replicas of some of his famous scenes, sitting cross-legged on brown paper they had laid out across the floor of the lobby. But the exhibit was crowded and overflowing. Fortunately, we got a few glimpses of his most famous paintings, including the Automat. I hadn't realized that Hopper spent a fair amount of time in Gloucester and some of his most amazing works are those featuring light casting shadows across homes and other structures.

It was such a beautiful fall day in the city and as we walked home back up the Mall past the Botanical Gardens and Capitol building, it was as if the light was paying tribute to Hopper, as the sky and buildings almost looked like a painting.

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