Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wine oh Mine

Yes, I admit it...I can't have just one glass of Croatian wine. I have just met up with my old friend, Zlatan Plavac, which had been absent from my life for too long. But earlier this week, I met up with friends for dinner and the wine was flowing. I first came to know Zlatan Plavac in the beautiful city of Split. My good friend, Nenad, took me to his favorite fish restaurant and we sat outside, under the Croatian spring sun way back then enjoying that first bottle. I later discovered the island of Hvar, where the wine is grown and bottled. If I concentrate hard enough, I can still conjure up the smell of pine and lavender which envelops you as you walk the island. Today, I happily bought a bottle of the white label Zlatan Plavac at a little Zagreb vinoteka (wine shop) long can I wait to open it?

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