Tuesday, May 22, 2007

They're Getting Married!

Okay, their names will be changed to protect the innocent...but I have two friends (let's call them Joshua and Morana) who live here in Zagreb who just can't seem to get it get married! Yes, they are in love. Yes, they are engaged. Yes, they live together. Yes, they are both successful. Yes, they've attended lots of weddings together to get ideas about matrimony. But alas, they are not organized enough to find time to get down the aisle. So over a few bottles of wine the other night, I offered to help plan their wedding. You see, I got married in Tuscany a few years back (yes, that's the villa above). I planned it for 40 people from the U.S. and abroad in less than 7 weeks. So, I guess they thought I was cut out for the job. So, I really can't write more. Between work and trying to return to the United States (I'm still in Croatia) later this week, I need to de-brief my friend Morana. Stay tuned.

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