Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happiness Down Under

It's been an intense work week down under. Back to back meetings.  Receptions. Strategic planning.  Presentations.  I've managed to squeeze in a bit at the end of the trip.  Here are a few highlights.

What more can one say about the Opera House at sunset?

And I loved the beach town on Manly -- a short hop away from Sydney.  Good vibe. Great waves. And a wonderful day spent with a former colleague.

The flowers and vegetation at the Botanical Gardens in Adelaide were amazing.  I only managed a short walk on my way to a reception at the National Wine Center...but wow!

And if we are talking amazing....can you believe these pastries that you look at in awe at Baroque.  Dear Anya, thank you for introducing me to this treasure in The Rocks.  An evening well spent in so many ways!

And finally, Darling Harbor. This picture does not do it justice.  Last night, we were feted with fire works at 10 pm over the harbor.  Another wow moment.

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