Sunday, November 14, 2010

Foodie Finds in Australia

You know me. Always on the hunt for a good meal. Well, a great meal.  Not the touristy places. The places I feel lucky to be dining.  The places that have great ambience. Great fellow diners.  An amazing wine list.  Unusual deserts.

Here are a few finds in Sydney:

Baroque: My friend, Anya's, friend Ollie owns it.  So I wanted to like it.  But I really liked it.  The ambience is great. The desserts, particularly the macaroons, are to die for.  And the outside deck is a great after dinner watering spot.  Throw in a few hip, 20 something Australians, and it made for a vey fun Friday night.

Sailors Thai: On George Street in the Rocks. Down a flight of steps and then onto the back deck overlooking the back of the big Sydney passenger terminal.  The presentation of prawns in banana leaf, crispy pork with quail egg and beef salad with oh-so-fresh mint was perfect.  Thanks for dinner James and Tim!

The Hyde Park Cafe: Just outside of the Hyde Park Barracks museum, I almost walked right on by.  But then I noticed the prawn salad someone was eating and the nicely shaded outdoor tables.  I had superb meal with a pinot grigio and then something they called chocolate pudding, which was actually a chocolate molten cake, with white chocolate shavings on top, citrus oil and a dark chocolate ball on top.  Need I say yummy?

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