Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 2, Amman

My colleague, Steve, went out today to do what I love to do -- visit a local village, eat a homecooked meal and interact with the "real" people. Unfortunately, I was stuck in a hotel conference room.

He is filming a short video about a community water project in Jordan.  Jordan has severe water constraints -- it is the 4th dryest country in the world.  What does that mean? Rivers are drying up.  Crops are dying.  People don't have drinking water.  Many have traditionally felt that it was in "Allah's hands."

But one project funded by USAID is allowing commuities to make their own decisions about rain collection points -- to feed livestock, to provide fresh drinking water and to water crops.

Last night, we sat with 2 Jordanians who work on the project -- it was inspiring.  This is exactly the type of project we should be investing in as tax payers.

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