Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amman Fashion

I went to the souk on my last day in Amman, not so much to buy anything but to wonder past its limitless items -- shoes, socks, gold chains and rings, dresses, blankets, dried spices and herbs, plastic tubs.  And some interesting women's fashions.  I find places like Jordan a bit confusing.  

It's not all one way or the other -- extremely conservative or extremely liberal, which would make the study of women's choices and decisions about covering their heads and/or faces so much easier.

Some of these ladies, particularly in the drab, featureless "coats," looked particularly stoic.  I wonder if they felt what many women in Amman felt, who were at home and not out amongst the souk where I walked in my western dress.

As for me, I was mostly interested in those gowns with lots of jangling coins and bright colors.

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