Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The French Do It Again

It's big news that the French President Sarkozy and his wife, Cecilia, have divorced. No, not in, in the U.S. that is. Allow me to get on my political soap box if you will. I'm fed up with just about everything in American politics these days (wanton spending, lifeless platforms and soundbites and the seemingly never ending political cycle), but have becoming particularly bothered by the scrutiny of our candidates and their personal lives. No, I don't want an embarrassment as a First Lady. But I believe that she also shouldn't have to give up her career, her opinions and her independence because her partner is running for office. (Maybe I really should move to Paris after all??)

The former Mrs. Sarkozy was quoted as saying, "“We tried everything, I tried everything. But it just wasn’t possible anymore...Public life doesn’t suit me.” She went on, “I am someone who likes to be in the shadows, who likes serenity, tranquility." So, she left and now the French have moved on. Opinion polls show that they could care less.

And we should, too....and instead focus on the real issues in the campaign and how the candidates are truly going to address them. Anne Applebaum's "Free the Running Mates" column in today's Washington Post is worth a read:

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