Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vermont Calling

Well, we did it. We packed our bags.  Headed north. Left our comfortable life in the city for a life in the country.  For the next 120 days we're going to be living at 57 Brown Hill West Road in Starkboro, Vermont.  Population: 1700 plus 5 now. 

We did it despite Irene, who tried to stand in our way and knocked us back by a day but here we are.  Amongst Vermonters who did not let that woman knock them down for long. They are back up and recovering.

And we are so happy to be among them in this magical place.

We've already made an apple pie from apples in our back yard. 

Caught frogs with our new frog-catching net, purchased at a wonderfully charming toy store in Shelburne.

Had friends over to sit around the camp fire roasting marshmallows.

Helped our little girl adjust to her first day of school....and ride her very first school bus.

And so much more.  I may be starting a new blog soon about this special time in Vermont. Stay tuned.

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