Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Crying Day

Once there was little girl who decided to grow up and go off to first grade.  She bounced out of bed, put on a pretty flowered dress and blue headband, buttoned her blue cardigan and slung her backpack over her shoulder.

She walked hand in hand with her mommy and daddy to school, stopping to shake hands with the principal at the school door and assuring him that "thank goodness she was back."

In the classroom, there were new books to look at, insects in a large glass case and old friends to catch up with.

And then she said goodbye and assured mommy, who had tears in her eyes, that it was time for her to go outside if she was going to cry.

And so her mommy did, shaking her head that her little girl was starting 1st grade and wondering how she was growing up so quickly.

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