Friday, July 23, 2010

Ode to a Wonder Dog

Our 13-year-old German Shepard, Genie, had to be put to sleep last night. We are all really sad. Sad that it was her time to go.  But also sad that she suffered a bit at the end and it all happened much too quickly, without my chance to say goodbye and pat her head once last time.  I would have told her that she really had been a good dog, especially with Nathaniel, Abby and Stefan.

But we realize it was her time.  And she'll be joining our cat and her life long buddy, Charlie, somewhere in a place where they can resume their love/hate relationship. 

For now, her spirit rests on Fire Island, where she used to roam the beaches in her younger days, galloping back and forth chasing sticks and letting the wind blow through her fur.

We'll miss you Genie dog!

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