Thursday, March 4, 2010

Les Cadeaux

There were slippers.  Lots of them.  Some with tassles.  Some in leather. Some with cute little pom poms. In every shape and color and size.  Oh, so many to choose from.  And jewelry, oh the jewelry.  The Berber designs were awe inspiring as were the bangles I found in Marrakech.

There were little glass bottles with silver tops and tassles.  There were lanterns in every shape and size.  There were lights and torches hanging from ceilings which seemed to go up forever.  There were teapots and trays and boxes for tea leaves and mint.   And adorable little silverware with colorful handles.

Oh, and the rugs.  Hanging here.  Hanging there.  Bright oranges and reds. Muted blues and peaches. And pillows and poufs.  Some of them with beautiful sewing adorning the covers like this.

I shopped here and there.  A souk in Marrakech.  A souk in Casablanca. A quick tour through the medina in Rabat.  My colleague led me to her favorite shops, with backrooms and bargains to be had given her Arabic speaking skills.  Here is just a sneak preview of the riches I found in beautiful Morocco.

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