Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Do you think it's possible to become a travel writer overnight? I often ask myself this question when I come across an article, which I should have written, about my dear Croatia. This one comes from the Times of London and is written about Opatija, that wonderful seaside getaway near Zagreb dotted with pastel-colored villas, which were once home to Austro-Hungarian royalty and such.

I've been to both Villa Astra and Casa Oraj, which the writer mentions in the article. In fact, we used to spend wonderful Thanksgiving weekends in the stone dining room of Oraj, lounging over numerous bottles of Croatian wine and turkey with an interesting set of international friends, many of whom didn't understand, or need to, the traditions of that American holiday. Villa Astra is likewise a gem, with its views of the Adriatic and hospitable owner, who has restored it and its grounds to pristine condition.

Now, let me get serious about becoming a travel writer.

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