Monday, June 15, 2009

Democracy, Iranian Style

As I sit and look at the photos tonight from Reuters and AP, I feel a sense of deja vu from my days in the Balkans and Milosevic's attempts to steal elections, which came to a tragic end with his extradiction and eventual death in a small cell at the Hague.
Women facing off against riot-gear clad police officers. Crowds in the tens of thousands amassing on the main squares. Desperate police officers wielding batons against those frustrated by their attempt to register dissatisfaction with the current illiberal regime. No doubt change will come to Iran, perhaps not as quickly as many had hoped....but this is the beginning of the end. It seems these are the largest public demonstrations since 1979. Fuel was added to the fire earlier today when the country's top cleric called for an investigation into the allegations of vote rigging.

Photo courtesy of New York Times

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