Monday, April 20, 2009

Slovenia Chic

Yes, I said Slovenia. Oh, how I wish I had become a travel writer a few years back when living in former Yugoslavia and Croatia and traveling throughout the region. I would have plenty of fodder for travel articles about weekends spent in steamy saunas and plunging in cold, mountain-fed pools in Bled, golfing with the Slovenia Alps framing the shots, delicious dinners and scrumptious Movia wines and much, much more. Now, I'm reading all about new upscale tourism in Slovenia in the likes of the NY Times. And doesn't this hotel look like something out of Manhattan, not the backwoods of that lovely country?

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sharon said...

yeah, i am pretty much sick of the converted hotels and apartments, i want new, new, new .... no more leaky windows in the kids rooms in january @ -10 C, no more drunks screaming down stairs (and we are on the 5th US floor!) ...time to leave the city i guess :-( I am getting old