Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year, New Administration, New Baby

It's going to be a historic few days in the nation's capital. Those of us living in the "zone" near the Capitol, are in for a bit of disruption...closed bridges, monstrous traffic, blocked roads, posses of tour buses, not to mention the crowds anticipated in the millions. We're a bit constrained in our movements not due to the traffic but my 9th month of pregnancy and impending due date of January 23rd.

In the meantime, I'm still waiting to see who the Obama Administration gives the nod to for USAID Administrator. Hilary Clinton was on the Hill earlier this week, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and had quite a bit to say about levels of funding for foreign aid and her commitment to it as part of the "smart power" arsenal. I think we're going to see more funding devoted to health and girls' education, two areas she strongly supported as First Lady.

As for my own health, please send any karma my way to have this baby this weekend. I've thought more and more about all of the women in the developing world who face this week and their delivery with trepidation due to poor medical conditions and pre-natal care. On that score, I feel particularly lucky.

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Anonymous said...

Well while you were having "Jack" Hillary was visiting USAID HQ to give her support. Sorry you missed it but I gather you were busy. Hope you are feeling great. So happy he has finally arrived. We all had a cosmo in your honor.