Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's Not to Love about Vermont?

Honestly, it's such a fair question. We spent a long, relaxing weekend in Burlington and the surrounding area, thoroughly enjoying and living in the moment of the fall colors, brrrr-ish mornings in the 30's and country life that we don't get here in D.C. First, I love the City Market -- the local grocery story/co-op, where pretty much every item is made or grown in Vermont. Milk that comes in old fashioned bottles. Love it. Second, we took our daughter to the Ben and Jerry's factory. Free ice cream after the corny tour. Love it. Third, we hung out with friends in a leisurely way, nothing important to do. Love it. Fourth, we ate great locally grown food. Love it. Finally, we took the ferry from Charlotte over to Essex, New York. Did I say fall foliage galore. Love it.

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