Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Some of my favorites for 2007

BRAC: This organization, founded in Bangladesh in 1972, is truly life transforming and helping millions escape poverty. With a focus on women, it makes the path to self-sufficiency a much easier one.

WORLD CHANGING: I've spent more time this year than ever thinking about the choices we make -- the car we drive, products we use, how much we recycle, what we read. This site is the one stop shop.

CENTER FOR U.S. GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT: For those of out there that care about our engagement and contribution to the world, this organization is making a difference; and Impact -08 is helping to ensure that the U.S. Presidential candidates focus some of their energies on foreign assistance and our humanitarian and development efforts from Iraq to India to Indonesia.

SMART POWER: First it was called "soft power" -- but now even Joseph Nye is using the term Smart Power to define a better way of engaging around the world and using our powers of persuasion. A smart combination of public diplomacy and engagement, including efforts to combat HIV/AIDS and reduce poverty, it just makes sense. Listen up Bush Administration.

THE BOTTOM BILLION: A must read, by Paul Collier, if you didn't do it in 2007 to help understand more about the world's poor, primarily in Africa, and how our actions impact them.

MINA AGOSSI: She is truly a chanteuse; saw this sexy French signer at Blues Alley in Washington, DC and was transported right to smoky Montmarte jazz club.

PANDORA.COM From Journey to Lauren Hill to Lizz Wright to Dixie Chicks, I love plugging into this free website for radio stations that I create.

SUNDANCE CATALOGUE: No matter that I live in the city and love my high heels, this catalogue always make me lust for mountain views and fresh air in Montana, Colorado or Idaho -- a life spent in kick ass boots with a big chunky sweater and a cup of jo' looking out over the horizon at my herd.


johnny montana said...

Yes Montana, looking out over the herd! Or ski hill, trout stream while cuddled into thick flannel sheets. That is Montana. And you can still wear high heels if you like, but I prefer the big sweater and kick ass boots.

Maybe a day flying around the area in a small plane, or a day floating down a beautiful river, or maybe just a day of lounging around breathing it all in...

CJ said...

a good web site for environmentally conscious people would be

These people are on the cutting edge of climate control.